Thursday, 28 April 2016

Photographs from Bramall Lane

I have next to no knowledge of photography but over the last year have had a play around with taking some shots of Bramall Lane, home of Sheffield United. In its own way it's a very beautiful football ground, yet has a habit of appearing very gloomy and sullen most of the time (who knows, that may reflect The Blades' rather underwhelming season in League One). The Lane is angular, consists mostly of grey concrete, and there are weeds poking out of odd places. The above photo was taken at half-time during an unconvincing 3-1 win over Doncaster Rovers in September 2015. 

This one was taken in passing. St. Paul's tower, the tallest building in Sheffield, looms in the backdrop, as with A; a fitting contrast of one of the city's most aged and working-class areas with the wealth and sleek architecture of the modern city centre. 

C I had just left the Lane after watching an utterly dire 0-2 loss to high-flyers Wigan and saw this scrawled on a garage door opposite. I don't know if it was a Sheffield United fan who had written it, but if it was, I wouldn't blame them whatsoever. Nigel Adkins' tactics for much of the campaign were enough to send even the most patient of Sheffield United fans over the edge. 

D A typical grey wintry day in Sheffield, reflected by the sleepy, subdued demeanour of the Lane. 

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