Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sheffield FC 4-1 Trafford, 3rd October 2015

Growing up in an area in which the dominant clubs are Everton, Liverpool and the Manchester teams (to an extent), I must admit I barely ever spared a thought for those outside of the top flight in my younger years. As a child following football in the age of the Premier League, with the media's intense scrutiny of it, I have devoted much of my time to the narratives of this avaricious world.

Sheffield FC's triumph over Trafford in the FA Trophy was my first experience of non-league football. My trip to Dronfield, a ten minute train journey from Sheffield city centre, to watch the world's first football club (as they are officially recognised by FIFA and the FA) host Trafford was incredibly eye-opening. The compact, communal Coach and Horses Stadium, with its slightly uneven pitch and standing spectators, is a venue that reminded me of playing football myself throughout my teenage years. I believe it would be very difficult for any fan of the sport not to enjoy an afternoon watching football here, in its purest form.

Here are a few photographs from the day:

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